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Good news in a newspaper!?!

I sat down for breakfast this morning after plunking down $1.50 for a copy of the Seattle Times.  I usually find myself more distressed than encouraged after reading the paper.  So I was pleasantly surprised when I flipped to the local news section today to read a column titled Woman works to find work by Nicole Brodeur.

The column introduced a local woman, Jennifer Ryan, who’s searching for work.  Apparently she had put an ad in the paper under the section “Work Wanted.”  Interestingly, she was the only person to put an ad in that particular section, which floors me given how much I hear about unemployment.  Her ad read:

West Seattle mom will clean, shampoo carpets, do yardwork, clean gutters, drive errands, detail autos/campers, haul & dump, paint, sm. repairs, baby/pet sit, etc. bldg. maint. background, hard worker, strong, able to lift, honest worker w/eye for detail — rsnbl. rates. Need to Make Ends Meet.

At the end of the column Ryan speaks to her dismay, “They are more willing to help people who don’t want to help themselves.  The more you try, the less help you get, and the less you try, the more help you get.”  She sums up her attitude by saying, “I want my mother to be proud of me, whereever she is.”

I have never met this woman, but I am proud just reading this little bit about her.