beijing-starbucks-2I am a Seattle native working in the software industry. I have been fascinated by software ever since I wrote my first program in GW Basic and realized the computer would do anything I told it too.  And any bug in the program always had an explanation.  My other passion in life is movies and photography.  If I ever get bored with software, I would love to make movies some day.

Right now, I am working abroad in Beijing on a 5 month project to build tools for SharePoint 2007.

Why net-profit motive?

Business is the engine that makes the world turn.  You are reading this right now thanks to business.  Without any action on your part, a company was set up months if not years before you bought the computer or phone you are reading this on.  When you ordered it, you merely paid your money and an army of people along with a network of suppliers had already come together to build it for you.

Business, and profit specifically is vastly under appreciated.  When Ford turns in a $16 billion loss, most feel a calm lament, and are fully ignorant of the millions of man hours wasted.  It was as if the entire life’s work of some 10,000 men and women had suddently been snuffed out.  Imagine how angry you would be if after a year of intense work, the product of your work was judged worthless.  Maybe you would feel ashamed, perhaps angry at a manager that mislead your, and ultimately a sense of deep loss.  Now multiply that by 10,000.

Conversely, when Exxon posts record profit of $44 billion the company is lampooned as greedy–as if we have been violated and robbed.  In fact, every time you go to the gas pump and fill up, you are voting with your hard earned money that the gas you buy is worth more than what you pay for it; otherwise why bother with the effort.  So Exxon has created a value beyond its revenue even.  Its remaining profit is not a scarlet letter; it is a proud badge that it not only created value, but took less in the way of resources to produce it than the product’s end value.

My goal of net-profit motive is to chronicle and concretize the meaning of those numbers, celebrate the people who make great businesses, and flesh out my own business ambitions.

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