Copyrights, patents and taxes

Interesting write up in Slashdot about patents:
This might be the first time in a long time I’ve read something I agreed with in Slashdot that wasn’t out and out capitalism bashing.  While I hate the notion of property taxes for your home (since it means your home is constantly on rent from the government), I actually thing the notion of requiring payment for legal protection of intellectual property is intriguing.  It would be a source of reveneue without requiring force since you could always choose whether to get the legal protection.  You do not need the legal protection to live (unless we allow stupid stuff like ovelry generic patents or patenting DNA).  It also has the happy side effect of limiting frivilous patents from people who camp on ideas, but do nothing productive with them.
I need to think more about this.  But wanted to flag it as interesting.

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