McCain insults business

From the January 5, 2008 Republican Debate:
McCain: Why shouldn’t we be able to reimport drugs from Canada? It’s because of the power of pharmaceutical companies…

Romney: Don’t turn the pharmaceutical companies into the big bad guys.

McCain: Well, they are.

Romney: No, actually, they’re trying to create products to make us well and make us better, and they’re doing the work of the free market. And are there excesses? I’m sure there are, and we should go after excesses. But they’re an important industry to this country. But let me note something else, and that is the market will work. And the reason healthcare isn’t working like a market right now is you have 47 million people that are saying, “I’m not going to play. I’m just going to get free care paid for by everybody else.” That doesn’t work. Number two, the buyer doesn’t have information about what the cost or quality is of different choices they could have. If you take the government out of it to a much greater extent, you’d get it to work like a market and we’ll rein in costs.

Going to have to swallow hard to vote for this guy.
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One thought on “McCain insults business

  1. Alexander B.

    Forgive me, as you’ve likely heard the below argument before, but just in case . . .

    I suggest voting against McCain.

    Certainly Obama is the worst kind of old-fashioned 60′s socialism; he’ll slow our economy by unionizing our work force and by erecting protectionism, will be an incompetent apologist in foreign policy, and will probably have a democratic congress to work together to do who knows what else (“Global Warming”, more taxes, etc.)

    But I strongly suspect the alternative is much worse.

    McCain IS a maverick, and combine that with his very bad political and philosophical instincts, you’ve got someone who will very energetically accommodate the left with the worst freedom-snuffing ideas, as he did by being a PRINCIPAL sponsor of McCain/Feingold – ushering in possibly the most significant loss of political free speech in our nation’s history (with the probable exception of the Sedition Act). McCain also enthusiastically agrees with the Democrats on dealing with “Global Warming” (good God!). As far the War College education he chose after returning as a POW and as to his family’s multi-generation commitment to our Defense, how does this translate when he continually bleats “Serve something greater than your own self-interest”? That he’ll continue the Bush global welfare project with hemorrhages like the execution of the Iraq War, which created a new ally for Iran? Incidentally, he has not rethought his feelings about the pharmaceutical industry; at a Town Hall meeting during his campaign, McCain said “They ARE the bad guys.” As to his social conservatism, besides being anti-choice, here’s two smaller examples of his idiocy and arrogance: as head of a communications committee (through its power over cable television), he nearly destroyed a nascent industry by forcing Ultimate Fighting to add gloves to the bare knuckle fighters’ hands, as he deemed it uncivilized (but gloves actually allow fighters to strike harder, as it protects the hands from getting broken, thereby increasing injuries to the head); also, the poker community is for Obama, who is expected to legalize it, while McCain is expected put more muscle into its banishment. Generally speaking, a McCain presidency will assuredly further ruin the Republican Party by continuing to pull it to the left and right towards the worst aspects of both.

    But finally, the real danger of McCain’s presidency is the significance of his selection of Palin. I find her to be a genuine and appealing personality, much like Reagan, though queasy-making due to her choice to bring a Down’s Syndrome child to term and her positions against abortion rights, as does McCain(!). The significance is that Palin embodies the continued encroachment of the Republican Party and American politics by the Religious Right (again, like Reagan) who vetoed McCain’s choice of Lieberman as a running-mate due to Lieberman’s pro-choice position. The Religious Right’s social agenda is now significantly controlling the Republican Party. If the Republicans succeed at all in this era, it will significantly increase religion’s influence into our politics; next will come the Democrats, who will jump on this electorate band-wagon. Then where will we be? While our government is already taking positions against Stem-Cell Research due to purely theological reasons, it can get so much worse. Publicly, the fundamentalist/evangelical community in our country today is vibrant and growing; probably the only vital intellectual movement that presently exists (with the exception of a very small Objectivist community). Privately, they are funding and influencing our universities with hundreds of millions of dollars in endowments and sometimes wholesale co-opting of administrative boards. The Religious Right must be stopped. ANY Republican must be defeated, over and over again, until the party gets the message that their deal with the Devil of superstition and faith is unacceptable, only brings ruin to the Party and our country and must be renounced.

    - Alexander

    [I learned of your blog through your Wife's (which I occasionally read) who I learned of from another Objectivist blog I once read. Don't mean to be stalkerish :-) . I read your hesitancy about McCain, and as I'm working through the same issue, I couldn't resist.]

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