Frank Lloyd Wright autobiography

I just finished reading Frank Lloyd Wright’s autobiography.  This was an awesome book, and I kept having moments along there way where I would cheer one of his brilliant statements.  Some of my favorite quotes…

“But whom are you goign to build homes for?  If you go against their wishes and try to give them what you think right and not what they thing they want?”

“That’s just where a wise creator comes in, Cecil.  I won’t need but one man in ten thousand to work for–even one man in a hundred thousand would keep me more than busy all my life, because that man will need me as much as I need him and he will be looking for me.”

Nine pounds where three are sufficient is obesity.  But to eliminate expressive words in speaking or writing–words that intensify or vivify meaning is not simplicity.  Nor is similar eliminations in architecture simplicity.  It may be, or usually is, stupidity.

Only where culture is based upon the building of character by freedom-of-choice will we ever have a culture of true democracy.

First came the philosophy of the thing in the little story repeated to the trustees.  All artistic creation has its own.  The first condition of creation.  However, some would smile and say, ‘the restulf of it.’

Second there was the general purpose of the whole to consider in each part: a matter of reasoned arrangement.  This arrangement must be made iwth a sense of the yet-unborn-whoel in the mind, to be blocked out as appropriate to concrete masses case in wooden boxes.  Holding all this diversity together in a preconceived direction is really no light matter but is the condition of creation.  Imagination conceives here the PLAN suitable to the material and the purpose–seeing the probable–possible form.

Imagination reigns supreme, when now the form the whole will naturally take, must be seen.

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