Apprentice, episode 4

I just finished watching this week’s show.  It looks like this year is shapping up to be a reverse of last year, where now several women get peeled off the team early on.  I am pretty sure they’ll be back in the boardroom next week too, because it doesn’t look like they have any real energy on their team.

One thing that was really disappointing this week is that so many of the people on the team kept bashing the leader.  I mean it’s great if you can spot weaknesses, but I didn’t see many of them doing something to step up themselves and fix the situation–they were content to just complain about it.  I don’t think they showed one clip of the Mosaic team having this kind of infighting.  They just focused on the task and got it done.

I will say I was pretty impressed both of the teams set up an entire restaurant in a single day.  It wasn’t really clear from the footage how they chose their dishes and figured out the preparation.  I am almost wondering if they had a preselected chef who figured that part out.

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